Terms and Conditions

You are now at Us-Cigs.biz website. The terms and conditions shared below govern how this site should be used and the policies concerning the products on this website and their purchase. Your stay at this websites assumes that you have read the terms and conditions and agree with these, and therefore it is a matter of your own comprehension and the website owners are not liable for any misunderstanding of the content and/or one’s disregard for the familiarization with these conditions.

Restrictions on Age: No product is sold to any person under the age of 21 (for the USA residents) and under the age of 18 (for the residents of EU)

Quality of Products Offered: Us-Cigs.biz makes sure to offer only the products manufactured by certified companies, which in turn comply with quality and safety standards and regulations. Therefore, it is only natural to expect only high quality products offered at our site. The website, on the other hand, is liable for the quality as far as the manufacturers go; change in tastes, quality and peculiarities for particular brands are up to the manufacturer.

Processing of Orders: All orders, unless otherwise noted, are processed over the course of 24 hours after the order was made.

Restriction for Subsequent Distribution: All products purchased at Us-Cigs.biz may not be resold or distributed. The website is encouraged to be used only for non-commercial and personal purposes.

Shipping: The product ordered is usually delivered within 10-21 days following the ordering. The costs for shipping are included.

Awareness: It is understood that the customers ordering any product from this website are aware of the terms and conditions before the actual order is made.

Assistance and Reimbursement: Us-Cigs.biz will provide any assistance to the customer if/when needed. If you have any question or require any assistance, you are welcome to contact Customer Service via e-mail, which are provided in the Contacts section. The company assumes the obligation of reimbursing the client and/or reship any and all orders free of charge in case the order was lost or damaged. If any such thing happens, the customer is supposed to contact Customer Service via e-mail and from then on the matter will be taken care by us. After the examination the order shall either be reshipped or reimbursed for, depending on the customer’s wishes, granted the damage or loss was caused by us. The examination must be completed within 30 days from when the status was registered.

Financial Guarantee: The payments are taken care of by a financial company that is not directly related to Us-Cigs.biz, which ensures the confidentiality and security level. If any mistakes or problems occur, the customer is expected to inform the Customer Service, specifying the order number or the description of the particular problem. The Customer Service operators will do their best in order to resolve any and all problems encountered.